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Default Re: This feels weird.

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
Now I know what it feels like to be Shino...
Oh, woops! I totally skimmed over your post D: I'm sorry!

Have you always had that username or were you called something else? c:

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
It's nice to see you back, Tombi! I think the last time you were on, I was still Winter_Cherry...I might have commented on you art before, but I do know I was in the last revival of The Merines RP.
Of course, I remember you well! :D We roleplayed together a few times I think ^^ It's good to see you C':

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
I was the unreal shadow tracker and dark shadow lord at some point.
Oh, awesome! I remember you well too :D It's great to see familiar faces.

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