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Default Hi my name is ryan and I have aspergers a re introduction

Hello my real name is Ryan I am 21 and am posting this post as its great importance to me as it introduces my hidden side a side that causes me great pain and joy at times, but lately here I feel it's causing me much pain and before I can truly help the forums with the next stage of operation grand slam. So a re introduction from the aspergers side of me is very much in order.

My aspergers leaves me with a high degree of inteligence like most people with it but like people with autism to which aspergers belongs I have very poor social skills which often leaves me and my aspie chums at the mercy of saying something inappropriate. This has happened here many times and most of the time I feel like a dog scalded after I am told off or made to look the fool and most importantly by doing that I can never learn from it. Unless someone calmly tells me no ryan that's not appropriate and explains why all that's left is hurt feelings and me wondering where did it all go wrong.

This is a paragraph I wrote to the mbn about how hard it can be to have aspergers

You know what's one of the worst things about aspergers is? It's the fact you say many things you don't mean to hurt people like when asked do I look fat in that dress and you say yes or you simply can't understand why that may be offensive or could even be something that gets you ridiculed by people. In the end you feel like a scalded dog for doing something you had no idea was wrong and the only way to avoid it is to learn from it. So many times have I done this, so many people I have hurt for something I do not understand and it breaks my IDDD bitty heart when I realise people around me don't like me in some way or persecute me just because I didnt know any better, it's not as simple to stop and think what you say when you can't understand that it's offensive or stupid or inappropriate even thinking about it. It alienates you from from others, it makes you different for no obvious reasons and too few understand or care enough to help you understand why.

I have a duty to help pe2k and myself, people here have caused me great hurt and I them for no real reason other than ignorance on both parts so I am going to do some damage control before it gets worse, please don't scald me for the things I say I don't mean to hurt you it's just the way I am. I want to learn not to do I do end up sad and alone, it's to my benefit to help myself but when things do go wrong and I say something inapeopriate please just quietly send me a pm and explain it to me, that's all I ask.

Thank you for your time
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