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Default Re: Member of the Year 2012 Voting Section


Nicest Member: Graceful_Suicune - never seen her be anything but kind.

Funniest Member: Etymology - mostly down to the hilarious Nuzlocke of yours :')

Smartest Member: N/A

Most Helpful: Pokemon Trainer Sarah - definitely another one of the most kindest members here, and you're always willing to help all members. A great staff member to have on this forum.


Best Writer/Roleplayer: Winter - big fan of her stuff

Best Drawn/Sprite/Graphics Artist: Charmander009 - her Graphic art in WAR blew me away.

Best Battler: N/A

Best URPG Participant: N/A

Best ASB Participant: N/A

Best WFL Participant: N/A


Best New Member: mintjelly - also one of the best new Mods around. As soon as you joined the staff, you were immediately doing shizzle which was brilliant.

Most Active Member: Pokemon Trainer Sarah - I mean, when are you not on?! Haha.

Best Staff Member: Judge Dredd - I don't really need to explain this, do I?

Wish You Were Here: PokemonElite2000 - we need the big head-honcho here, because why not? Would be good to see him back again.

Award for Outstanding Contribution to PE2K: Judge Dredd - Boss, you've been a great contribution to the site. I remember coming back after ages and being amazed at the sudden promotion you had - you deserve to be where you are now.

Member of the Year: Ooooh, this is a tough one... Judge Dredd - not only a great friend, but a great member of the staff. Congratulations.


Favourite Pokemon: Buizel


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