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Default A suggestion for a guest character

Name: Dameon
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a warm hearted trainer, he loves dragon and Ice types and he spends lots of time studying about legendaries
Preference: He wins lots of battles but sometimes fails because of his worry
Trainer Title: Dragon Tamer ( Blonde hair if possible)
Pokemon 1: Dratini, Ladrigann, Male lvl 9
Pokemon 2: Snorunt, Tamashii, Female lvl 12
Pokemon 3: Togepi, Mystery, Male (Baby) lvl 3
Pokemon 4: Larvitar, Tarnish, Male lvl 10
Pokemon 5: Sneasal, Windu, Male lvl 11
Pokemon 6: Egg (Swablu), Romeo, Male lvl 0-1
If possible could I battle Skylar CJ and Anthony triple battle?
My charactor is not that strong, and if its at all possible could he join the group?

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