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Default Re: Signature, Avatar, and Drawing Showcase!

Originally Posted by Anastasia-R View Post

I'd say it's a pretty good job. Wish these was more coloring done. That, and maybe define the foreground of the avatars? Well, I think that the Pokemon should be sharpened more, and the background should be blurred, to create more depth. The Charmander icon needs it the most, I think, because the whole thing just looks a little flat.

The Glaceon icon also could use some of the sharpening, the face and head just looks like it needs it.
The animation is nice, I like it, but you almost can't see them. o..o; I'd suggest having the background have less values, than the little sprites? I'd notice them more, that's for sure. It's cool that you added some animation to it, so try to make it somewhat noticeable!

So, I dunno, here's three recent doodles.

This is kinda a bigger picture:

I can't art Ana! xD Those backgrounds are card back grounds. I can't edit/scratch or I mess stuff upppp. D:

-For Digital

and my current avatar for me. ^^

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