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You and your partners travel down Route 3..Or what you think is Route 3. Your pokemon dont seem to be aware of whats going on either. The first sign that something is off is the changing grass colors. They start of a rich green but quickly go to a deep purple. You also start to notice things are a little off. A tree falls over in front of you and you bend over to pick it up, only to find that it is made of cardboard. You can still hear the music which is not playing louder. In your confusion you ignore everything else just to get to the music.

As you run through the fields of the paint brush grass. When you arrive you see old friends all sitting around. In the center of the stage

You see a Munna. Could it be that you are in a dream... Convince Munna to let you go or you may be stuck here for awhile.
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"Ermm guys do you know what's wrong with this place?" Akmal confused.
"Hey there a Munna over there could it be he/she's the one who caused all this?"
"Excuse me Munna are you the one who did all this?" Akmal tried talking to the Munna.
"Munna mun" Munna nodded.
"Could you release us so my friends and I can continue our journey?"
"Na na" Munna shakes its head.
"Oww please.." Akmal plead.
"or do you want to play with us for a while?" Akmal tried to give a suggestion.
"I guess playing with it for a few minutes wouldn't hurt right guys?"
Munna jumps woth joy and Akmal with his pokemon continue playing with the Munna for a while.
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