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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Name: Theodore (Theo) Martin

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Witch.
-Is NOT a Wizard. Wizards use wands, witches must get their spells from spellbooks.
-Can only cast spells by saying it out loud and saying it correctly. Can be anything from a whisper to a yell.
-If there is a specific person you would like to cast a spell on, you must say it while reaching your arm out at them with an open palm (like if you were making a sign to tell someone to stop)
-No one can become a witch just by reading from a spellbook, it must be in your blood to make the book work.
-Witches can own as many spellbooks as they like. The spellbook must be obtained in an honorable way though, such as through an honest purchase or by being passed down (etc). If the book is stolen it may not work properly or its spells may backfire on you.
-Witches can fly on a broom, but it can't be any broom. The shaft of the broom must be authentically carved out of wood and the brush part should be actual straw. Most witches either have brooms passed down to them or make ones for themselves.
-Witches and cats have a powerful connection, although it is often not understood why, even by the witches.

Affiliation: For secrecy, but often almost outs himself on accident.

Appearance: He is 5'7" and has pale skin, but with slight pink hue to it. He has short blonde hair that he forms into a spike near the front and sparkling green eyes. His right ear is pierced and he always keeps an emerald earring in it, his birthstone and his family's powerstone (a powerstone is a stone that witches used to use to strengthen their magical abilities. It's questioned as to whether or not these actually do anything for the witches, but are commonly kept anyway). His lips are a deep red and he's usually smiling. He is slightly muscular, but still pretty thin and feminine. He likes to wear tee shirts with zip up hoodies, jeans, and converse sneakers. When he is casting spells he often likes to wear a long, black hooded cloak, which ties around his neck and drags behind him. His spellbook is large, green with gold writing, and looks old.

Personality: He's a very nice and outgoing guy. He likes to talk and meet new people and tries to talk to someone new everyday, if he can find someone. He is smart and does very well in school and likes to be involved with choir and theatre. He supports his friends and just strangers all the time and usually tries to do what he thinks is the right thing. He tries to be confident but doesn't always believe in himself like others think he should. He's not sure if being a witch is a good or bad thing and considers himself weird from the rest of his peers because of it.

History: He has had a wonderful life, living with his mother, father, and little sister in a nice sized home in a good neighborhood. Since he was little he's been learning magic from his Uncle Kale in the forest, where they can keep hidden, and has been honing his skills everyday more and more. He has a lot of friends that he's always like to hang out with and usually tries to use his spells to help them when he can, but never with their knowledge. His family has always been very adamant that as witches, they're special, but can't reveal it at all, because it would upset the humans. He goes to a public high school and is very popular because he likes to make friends.

Weapons/Abilities: Knows magic and carries around his spellbook. Also has a broom that was his grandmother's and was passed down to him as a young child.

Other: His sexuality is gay and he owns a pet cat named Midnight.


Name: Snow Skylore

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Faerie
-Faeries can be as tall as humans or can shrink themselves down to a few inches
-They can fly
-Every faerie has their own faeriedust that can do a few specific things, and only those things. These things are different with each faerie
-Faeries and their appearances are mostly white with one other color. The color differs with each faerie.
-Faeries, when in their true faerie form, cannot speak. They communicate with each other using sign language mostly. In their human form, they can speak.
-Faeries have a very strong connection to nature

Affiliation: Against secrecy, but is usually too afraid to actually do anything to expose himself.

Appearance: In his human form, he is about 5'4" with very pale skin and small, very non-muscular frame. He has dark brown hair that is cut short in the back but slightly longer in the front, and he flips his bangs to the left and they go down to about his eyebrows, even when flipped. His eyes are a striking purple and are big and noticeable. His lips are a soft pink, which match the slight blush in his cheeks. He often wears oversized sweaters and sweatshirts with tight pants of some sort and combat boots that lace up. He tends to stay to neutral colors and is often carrying a messenger bag with him that is simple and black. He also always wears a necklace that has a small silver chain and a purple gem on it, in the shape of a heart.

In his faerie form, he is the same height at his biggest and at his smallest he can be 4 inches tall. His skin is a paper white, all over, except for the purple heart that is on his left cheek. His hair, which is still in the same style as in his human form, is purple. His eyes are still purple, and his nails, both fingernail and toenails, are purple. His only clothes are a tight purple tee shirt, which is ripped on the bottom and at the sleeves to make it a short sleeve, and stops at his stomach, exposing his midriff. There are also 2 holes in the back of the tee shirt for his wings to come out of. His wings are large and shaped like butterfly wings are shaped. They're purple with a heart in the middle of his right wing. His shorts are also purple and tight and ripped in the same way, ending at about his knees. there's a piece of purple cloth tied around his right forearm, just because.

Personality: He is very shy and usually don't like to be around people. Because he knows sign language, he prefers to just communicate that way and not use his voice while in his human form, so most of his classmates believe that he is deaf. He will only speak around people that he trusts and feels completely safe with, and most of the time not in public. He is very caring and will help people as much as he can if they need. He is kind and sweet once you get to know him and often afraid to do things, but is pushed into somehow being brave enough to get them done. He likes to spend a lot of his time alone in the woods in his true form, connecting with the animals and being away from the world that scares him.

History: When he was little he was born into a faerie tribe that lived in the woods and kept to themselves, living their lives peacefully and keeping themselves safe. He lived with his mother and father and occasionally saw his older brother, who visited when he could, but lived a city far away, among the humans. One day, while in his faerie form, he was out playing with the animals in the woods when a teenage human boy suddenly appeared. Snow waved to him, but for whatever reason the boy looked terrified and ran away. He slept among a group of deer in the woods that night and when he returned to his village in the morning, he found a mighty battle going on between the faeries and a very large group of humans. As he looked around in fear he saw him, the boy whom he had waved at the day before. He stayed back, behind a tree and watched as the humans overtook his tribe and killed each one of them, seeing them as some sort of threat. After that he waited until night and went out to try to salvage what he could of the village. He cried for days over the loss of his home, friends, and parents and with the help of the forest animals, he survived on his own for 3 months, until his brother came again to visit, finding only Snow and comforting him. His brother took him back with him to the city and since then he has lived with his brother, going to a public high school and often spending his time in the forest, where he can be safe.

Weapons/Abilities: He has faeriedust that he can create with a wave of his hand. His faeriedust is sparkly and purple and can heal, make him and who he chooses invisible for a short period of time, and can help him to communicate with animals.

Other: His sexuality is gay
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