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Default Re: Route 2

Party: Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Currently: entering route 2

I ran past the route 2 sign with Slink in my arms. Artemis was a fair distance behind me, and I was probably more than halfway between her and the town. To the west I heard running water. I ran towards it and found a small creek. Maybe connecting to the one where Artemis and I fought the shadow monsters. There was movement in the bushes. Maybe pokemon who drink here?
I put Slink near the water and he had a drink. He instantly looked healthier. He was dehydrated!
I looked at the map on my pokegear. According to that I wasn't far from the next town. I decided to continue to there and wait for Artemis there. When slink had enough to drink, I called him back to his pokeball and continued walking towards the next town.

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