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Default Deployment.

Welp, it's finally come to that time. Still making me nervous, but it's almost here, guys. I'm being deployed somewhere overseas on January 19th.

Most of those who actually know me on here know that I am in the US Army Reserves, and I wanna thank you guys for your support. I ask that you continue your support, since, for the first time in nearly five years, they're actually deploying me for real this time. In about a week and a half, I'll literally be over the ocean on my way to a place I currently have no clue would be yet (yes, they haven't told me yet, joy) for a nine-month deployment. Now, I will have net there, wherever 'there' will be, so that is good news. I'll just be on less than I have been, in regards to IM services.

And yet I have neglected PE2K for some time due to this very hectic year. I've let two fanfictions and a Nuzlocke thread sit dormant, quiet, not dead but frozen in time until they are thawed at the right time. I have let my Ping habits fall harshly from my absence. And in the next nine months, I hope to reverse all of this, quell my dreaded writer's block I have always been plagued with, and get back into the swing of things even while defending our nations honor and safety, as well as the safety of others around the world.

I'm also planning on FINALLY learning how to draw while overseas, if I can help it. I've wanted to draw for sometime, but every time I try to learn I shot myself down. Well, with plenty of time on hand, I think I might be able to power through my personal aversion to imperfection of my drawings and just go for it. I'll get good eventually, right?

So, I'm back and kinda not, kinda gone and yet not, gonna be someplace I've never been for nine months, and I hope to see all of you guys a lot more often from here on out. Again, thanks for any and all support I get, guys, you rock. Keep on rockin', PE2K.
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