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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Doing some triiiiiivia!

And suddenly this guy became somekind of trivia host, not before giving me an odd look that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The first question was about weights, more especifically, what's the lightest Electric type. The next one was about pokemon families that gain a Fighting weakness in their final stages. And the last one is kind of a math question, if Cryogonal weights more than the 28 Unown forms or not.

After thinking for a while I decide to answer, confident in my Pokemon knowledge. ''The lightest Electric type is Rotom, the Piplup family and the Seel family gain a Fighting weakness in their final forms and Cryogonal would weight more than the Unown forms combined.''
Official's Post


You gather your thoughts and respnd to Jacksons questions. After your response Jackson lets out a smile.
"Good response trainer ! "
Jackson walks over a few feet to a hanging tree branch. He moves it and you see the sign for Route 2. Jackson lets out a grin.
"Well you are almost on Route 2...sorry for making you go through all of that."

Jackson walks up and hand you a luxury ball

Jackson waves goodbye

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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