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Jackson looks at you oddly, checking out your pokemon.
"How about we make a deal, I will tell you where to heal up if you answers these questions."

Jackson pause for a second
"first question..If Zekrom is the heaviest electric type who is the lightest electric type...Second name a two sets of pokemon family that pick up a fighting weakness only in their final stage."

Jackson thinks for a second.
"and finally what weights more all the 28 forms of unown together or a single cryogonal ?"
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And suddenly this guy became somekind of trivia host, not before giving me an odd look that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. The first question was about weights, more especifically, what's the lightest Electric type. The next one was about pokemon families that gain a Fighting weakness in their final stages. And the last one is kind of a math question, if Cryogonal weights more than the 28 Unown forms or not.

After thinking for a while I decide to answer, confident in my Pokemon knowledge. ''The lightest Electric type is Rotom, the Piplup family and the Seel family gain a Fighting weakness in their final forms and Cryogonal would weight more than the Unown forms combined.''
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