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You decide to take the path to the right. Having just caught your fourth pokemon and emerging from Navi Town as a hero you head right towards an area that should be teaming with pokemon. As you make your way down the path you find yourself yawning..the first time it was okay but soon you cant control it. You stop for a moment to take a break. A small nap cant hurt right? you lean against the tree and you try to rest your eyes.

A moment or two later you are asleep. Almost instantly you stand up and stretch out, did you wake up already ?? How much time has past ?? A lovely song seems to float through the air you wonder where it is coming from ? Do you check it out?
Trainer: Akmal
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Currently: Checking lovely song

"Wow I've never felt this sleepy before and now that I've slept for a while(I hope since I don't know how many hours has passed) I feel really refreshed." said Akmal while stretching his body.

"Hurmm that is one lovely song I hear.. I wonder where it comes from?" Akmal asked.

"Guys come out and here this" Akmal takes all his pokeball and throw them up in the air. All his pokemon comes out from their pokeball and jumps with joy while Vuelo flies around Akmal's head.
It seems that Vuelo had evolved into Pidgeotto.

"Wow Vuelo you're looking good and tougher I like you a lot" Akmal praised Vuelo and it chirps happily.

"Anyway guys did you hear that lovely song? Do you know where it comes from? Wanna check that out?" Akmal asked his pokemon.
All of Akmal's pokemon nodded agreed to check the song.

"Okay guys lets go and find where it comes from." said Akmal as he walked through the Route while finding where could the song comes from.
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