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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

On the new Eeveelution(s) It could be that the Eeveelution is either a Dragon-Type as previously predicted, or the left-field-ish Ghost or Poison Type nobody probably will expect. Ground (or Rock) and Flying Eeveelutions...Meh. Could work but it would be rather gimmicky. Steel Type would be cool, I guess. Personally, I'd like to see a Fighting-Type Eevee, personally. Dragon Eevee is cool, but I think a Fighting-Type Eeveelution would be absolutely awesome.

On the starters...The Grass-Type Starter Chespin intriuges me too much to pass up, and it might the first generation that I've been dead set on getting the Grass-Type Starter. MIGHT be because he looks like Finn somewhat (Definately looks like they've got a similar thing with their 'headgear': Finn's style of hat matches Chespin's 'hood') and the other two don't look very good to me, personally. I don't like the fur coming out of Fennekin's hair for whatever reason (otherwise it's awesome), and Froakie...I'm not sure on Froakie. I like Ty's thoughts on it, though; that each Starter would be able to counter themselves with their second type...And having the first Dark-Type starter EVER would be awesome. COME ON, CHESPIN, HAVE DARK-TYPE EVOLUTIONS!

On the likely Legendary Pokemon Z...Well, going on the theory of XYZ as coordinates being the theme, we're not getting an ocean-dweller, I can almost guarentee it. Considering I'm playing Fez (which has several puzzles relating to perception and the fact your character is 2D and must traverse the 3rd dimension with the help of a Fez, henceforth the title), Z would probably be something A) Out of left field design-wise, and B) akin to Giratina in the sense that it's interdimensional. It may also be the first Dark/Ghost Type Legendary for these reasons and Grassy's trend of Pokemon in gen six seemingly being easy Dark Types...Though I doubt that. Too broken of a type pairing.
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