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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Location: Leading the way

(With team rocket grunts)

Side Pokemon;

Markus's move is calm. Dredd watches his every move..fixated on the stone. Soon Markus starts to feel the pain shoot through him.
*The stone you fool! Get it now ! Take it from her if you have to !*

Markus feels his body getting worse and worse. He drops to his knees he knows what is going on. He fights back to his soon as he gets a steady grip his leg starts on fire and he is forced back to his knees.
*We have not come this far for you to find your center of patients Markus.*

Meghan moves back as she the flames come out. Markus pushes himself back up.

Stacy knee shakes...
"something is really wrong.."

hears the explosions.

Stacy gets up.
"Yeah, I do...We owe it to her ! "

Stacy looks at Charlie and Jacen and waves them forward they take off running down the hall towards Meghan and Markus.

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