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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Talking with some dude.

Yes, freedom at last! After following the little step ladder I found myself up in the surface, next to some guy who was just staring. Looking at him closer makes me think he is a Pokemon Coordinator maybe because of the way he looks. He began talking as soon as I took my first step to the outside. "Its not everyday that trainers crawl out of the ground."

Before I could even open my mouth he started to talk about my Rattata and his lack of Dig. Who does he think he is? But right now I didn't want to pick a fight, my Pokemon were wore down from our adventure in the tunnel and we all needed a rest.

''Hey, I need some directions on how to reach the nearest town or city. I came from Andromeda but got lost after I fell down some hole. And am I even still on Route 1?'' I also noticed that the guy was with a Delcatty, so that makes me believe a bit more that he is a Coordinator. Rattata moved from my shoulder to my head, and he was just glaring at the Coordinator and his Delcatty; clearly he didn't like the previous comment from the Coordinator.

''Oh yeah, forgot to introduce me. Im Luis, nice to meet ya.''

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Jackson looks at you oddly, checking out your pokemon.
"How about we make a deal, I will tell you where to heal up if you answers these questions."

Jackson pause for a second
"first question..If Zekrom is the heaviest electric type who is the lightest electric type...Second name a two sets of pokemon family that pick up a fighting weakness only in their final stage."

Jackson thinks for a second.
"and finally what weights more all the 28 forms of unown together or a single cryogonal ?"

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