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Default Re: Will X & Y feature all new pokemon or feature new evolutions?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
I still think the Eevee stuff is suspicious so I'm thinking there will be pre-evos/evos for old Pokemon. Which I am nervous about, actually. @_@ I really didn't like any of the evos they put in 4th gen, so hopefully they will be decent this time. D:
I agree gen four was a mess
Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Maybe this will be the Gen where Dunsparce finally gets an evolution.

Im still wishing for that day to come :D
So is everyone ! a big shuckle would be cool! Im also thinking it would be awesome if they turned legends into pokemon that had pre evolutions. Id really like to see baby articuno flying around.

Honestly my first thoughts were kinda along the same lines as Corey. We maybe looking at more of Gold/Silver type game. With evolutions from gen 5 and maybe a couple of others. I doubt they are going to make more evolutions..I think people just want little ghost eevee and little steel eevee

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