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Luis makes his way to the spot of light. He finds a little step ladder leading up and follows it back to surface. As he crawls out of the strange opening he finds a trainer starring at him.

Jackson is pokemon coordinator his posture presents the picture of a guy who is really into himself.
"Its not everyday that trainers crawl out of the ground."

Jackson notices the Rattata.
"I guess if you cant find the TM showing the little rat pokemon how to dig could also work."

Jackson laughs at you.
Name: Luis
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Yes, freedom at last! After following the little step ladder I found myself up in the surface, next to some guy who was just staring. Looking at him closer makes me think he is a Pokemon Coordinator maybe because of the way he looks. He began talking as soon as I took my first step to the outside. "Its not everyday that trainers crawl out of the ground."

Before I could even open my mouth he started to talk about my Rattata and his lack of Dig. Who does he think he is? But right now I didn't want to pick a fight, my Pokemon were wore down from our adventure in the tunnel and we all needed a rest.

''Hey, I need some directions on how to reach the nearest town or city. I came from Andromeda but got lost after I fell down some hole. And am I even still on Route 1?'' I also noticed that the guy was with a Delcatty, so that makes me believe a bit more that he is a Coordinator. Rattata moved from my shoulder to my head, and he was just glaring at the Coordinator and his Delcatty; clearly he didn't like the previous comment from the Coordinator.

''Oh yeah, forgot to introduce me. Im Luis, nice to meet ya.''
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