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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced! New Pokemon Screen caps!

> Gets a 3DS XL for Christmas
> Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are announced for 3DS

...The timing. (No I don't have B/W 2 XD).

I'm guessing the deer legendary (WHY LEGENDARY? I WANT AN ENTIRE TEAM OF IT) will be Dark/Psychic, and the bird one Dark/Flying.

'Tis me guess maties.

Froakie is adorable, and the fox (Fennekin) is also cute. Ironic that both foxes are Fire Types XD

Chespin though, I'm not impressed with. Strange yes, but it reminds me a grass type Oshawatt. Osha had a great final evolution but the first stage was just, what? Hopefully Chespin gets better, but it seems it'll join Turtwig in the realm of those I don't pick.

I'm so rarely the water starter, so we'll see ;)

Also 3D battles cool :P Can't wait to see AGGRON IN 3D WHOO!
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