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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Discussion

Originally Posted by Tombi
Also, it looks like they're not adding in a whole new gen of Pokemon which is a plus.
I think you're mistaken - why do you assume this? If it's the lack of new Pokemon in the trailer, of course they're not going to spoil anything for us so soon. I expect we'll get at least another 100+ Pokemon.

I think I'll pick Froakie when it finally comes around. :) I always loved the frog Pokemon and a team of Froakie, Politoed and Palpitoad seems boss. 8]

So stoked that it's a world-wide release too! Game Freak must have been working on this for ages! :o

Also, the third version seems pretty easy to predict - Pokemon Z, and the legendary will be a snake. ;)

I'm really hoping these are backwards compatible, too. Would love to transfer old Pokemon over!

Another neat little easter egg about the legendary Pokemon:

Their pupils are in the same shape as the letter of the game they represent. :3

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