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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Discussion

To be honest, out of what i have seen so far, this isnt too shabby, aside from the fact that nintendo decided to name the water starter FROGGY!!!!!1. I think i am going to choose the boy, it sort of bring up memories of pokemon red and blue to play as a minimalistic dude with a baseball cap, the fact that one of the main "aspects" of pokemon X and Y is that they are localized and released at the same time all across the world makes me think that all the cities are going to be based off a country's capital, like London, Tokyo, Stöckholm, Washington D.C?? Moskva, maybe even Cairo, the shift from sprites to models are obviously going to be taking a long time for gamefreak, since they have had the option to do that since generation 3, but kept using sprites since they were "charming"[1], but it had to happen sometime, all the notable games are in 3D now, so why wouldn't pokémon be as well?

This of course, means that pokemon wont resemble the past generations anymore.
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