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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Discussion

So, this is Char's reaction:

It's. So. Beautiful.... ;O;

Seems like people will always complain about the newest Pokemon designs, but honestly, right now I'm very excited with the fact that EVERYTHING IS IN FREAKIN' BEAUTIFUL 3D!!! I have wanted this to happen for soooooo long--the battle's look like they'll be much more exciting, and exploration looks way more fun! I think that the fire and grass starters are adorable x3 (The first nice Fire-starter we've had in generations that ISN"T half fighting, woot!) This is pretty big, guys--can't believe it's going to come out this year world-wide! We're definitely moving in a new direction here, and so far I'm really excited with it :D

I wonder what the female hero's gonna look like, though :o

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