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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Checking the flash of light.

*ping* The Pokeball stops and I grab my freshly caught Meowth. ''Let see, how should I call you from now? I think Greed will be fine. Hey Cage, let's go keep searching.'' Cage ran towards me and leaped on my shoulder.

''Let's go that way...or was it the other way? Argh, I can't believe we're lost, again!'' The battle made me lose my sense of direction and now we were even more lost. But before I got desperate, Cage showed me something I had not seen. It was a light! It was strange though because it was coming from the ground.

''Let's take a peek, maybe we can finally get out of this dark place.'' Cage nodded and we came closer to inspect this light.
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Luis makes his way to the spot of light. He finds a little step ladder leading up and follows it back to surface. As he crawls out of the strange opening he finds a trainer starring at him.

Jackson is pokemon coordinator his posture presents the picture of a guy who is really into himself.
"Its not everyday that trainers crawl out of the ground."

Jackson notices the Rattata.
"I guess if you cant find the TM showing the little rat pokemon how to dig could also work."

Jackson laughs at you.

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