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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location:Exploring the ruins


Seth saw the girls, he let out a small short sigh of relief but quickly went back to being himself.
"What the h*ll !" Seth shouts out.
"Great job Alyssa you broke the Unowns.." Seth sees the Noctowl Man and stops. He looks at the others.
"He has boy in there."

The Tyrant Clans rushes down on the other side. The two groups are at a bit of stand off.

Name: Yellow
Location: Exploring the ruins


Markus moves in to try to grab Damien but is knocked back with a stiff blast of energy. Yellow helps him up. She turns to Ariados.
"Please Spindle don't do anything rash ! the Unowns are to strong right now!"
Yellow looks over at them.
"I dont think they are hear to hurt us.."

Spin finally makes her way down a strange step ladder and falls in between the groups. She gets up and growls at the Chromies.
"Markus are you and Yellow okay ?"

Both teams start to feel the Unowns purple energy that is flowing all around the room.

Spin stops
" No one go near that wave! that includes you goons !"

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