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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

I know I said everyone had an opinion but I really have no idea where you guys are all coming from

I think Gen I had the most animal-like Pokemon, which makes me think they were the least original. D: Gen III had very original designs, but I think they story line was no good, and I didn't even like most of the Pokemon. Gen IV was very fun, but ti went so. slow. So. very. slow. Gen II and their remakes were the best games for me, because when I watched my sibling and dad play R/B, it was really boring to watch for me. I'll always have bias for Gen II. O:

Gen V was so very epically awesome, because it took a turn from the repetitive play of the first four gens of beat these guys, go win the championship. It was go win the champion ship then beat these guys then MAJOR PLOT TSUNAMI. Gen VI looks so very very fun, and in 3D is even better. I can't even imagine how epic the music will be, and how sweet the story line will taste...
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