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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

I beleive that they aren't going to add too many new pokemon after this. With 649 pokemon, the national dex is becoming massive. Heck, I remember a day when 386 was hard. 493 was harder. Now look at it. When I played black and white, I couldn't get over how much easier everything was. "You are battling a gym strong against your starter? Here have a monkey that will counteract that." "You are battling a flying gym? Good thing you went through the cave full of electric pokemon beforehand." "Oh you have a few big battles in a row? Lets heal your pokemon between each one"

Pokemon now is aimed at a younger audience than what it used to be. I remember it took me weeks in Ruby when I was 8 to get past slateport because I didn;t know how to get rid of team magma. Heck, even the anime is aimed at a younger audience.

S01E09 The school of hard knocks
Ash: "Thats a violation of human rights! Who is in charge of this."
*Kid pulls out photo of a girl*
Brock: "She can violate my rights any day."

There isn't much stuff like this any more. Pokemon is aimed at a younger audience now, and as easy as they are making it to progress, it is still becoming hard with the massive national dex. If they want to keep it at a good difficulty, they might have to slow down with the new pokemon.

Just my view.

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