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Default Re: Favorite Generation (including remakes)?

Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
The game I really monitored was HG/SS. I only knew about D/P/Pt from commercials. I had never gotten the games on their actual release date, a few weeks after for Platinum, and bit after for Pearl. I got HG on the DAY it came out and I've gotten White and White 2 the day they came out. :'D
It took me a while to actually decide on getting Ruby and Sapphire because Groudon looked badass, then my mom got them for me and I played them nonstop for a year and a half. When Platinum came out I made sure that the first thing I did after beating the game was migrating my Blaziken into Sinnoh. Never regretted it since.
I think you mean Fire Types

jus sayn
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