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Default Re: Could there be a new Eevee on the way?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Usually main games are released every 4 years so most likely 2014. So it's about the right time for the first 6th gen Pokemon to be revealed. Lucario was revealed in 2005 and Diamond and Pearl weren't released until 2006 (Japan) or 2007 (English) for example. It seems like it will be a major announcement since they're making such a big deal of it. The last time they did something like this, they announced Black and White 2. I wouldn't say no to a new shadow game though :D

Perhaps. I still feel like it's a wee bit too soon, although the B/W 2 games, being actual sequels, was a first for Pokemon and may have thrown things off.

*Glances at avatar* You just made me think there was going to be a Shadow the Hedgehog 2. Don't get my hopes up for something that will not come to pass XD

And Ty, yeah, it can be confusing. Some moves still don't make sense.

Razor Leaf being Physical yet no direct contact lolwut. It's why moves also have the whole "direct contact" thing to them too XD
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