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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Gladewing (Scyther)
Currently: Giving out Berries?

“As you wish, ma’am!” Gladewing nodded as Nightfang informed him that they would eat on the go. And thus, like a dutiful Scyther, he stood by and held his arms out, inviting the others to come grab a berry while they prepared to leave. Yet the others weren’t too enthusiastic about it… Bladestrike pulled a face that looked like he would rather eat mud.

Still, Gladewing remained on task, ready to hand out the berries.

Embyr (Charmeleon)
Currently: ...

Bladestrike was the first to converse with Embyr, asking a rather innocent question. The seemingly empty creature just stared at him, however, not making any effort to reply. Others talked about her from a distance, but Embyr could neither hear nor acknowledge them.

The next to try to talk to her was dear Symon. His concern for her was touching, but again the Charmeleon made no reply. She couldn’t; the world around her was just a blur, endless and unfocused. Yet she sensed that it was time to move on, and so she shakily rose to her feet once more.

Snowsong (Glaceon)
Currently: Speaking with Aggranium

Snowsong slunk back into the group just in time to see these interactions with Embyr. The Glaceon sighed wearily, wanting to tell the others that it was no use. The only thing the Charmeleon had uttered was a stumbled form of her name; otherwise, she was a ghost—silent and aloof. Still, Snowsong made no effort to show herself, still broiling inside with irritation. She hovered at the edge of the group in hopes of remaining unnoticed.

Her wishes weren’t granted.

The big buffoon of the group—the mutant hybrid creature—stomped his way over to her. She scowled, knowing that his hulking mass would certainly draw everyone’s attention.

"Snowsong, feelin' better with that little romp?" Aggranium’s voice was noticeably toned down.

The Glaceon just stared at him with a look that read, “What do you want?”

"You know, it's a bit ironic. You're an Ice Type but you seem to be a lil' bit of a hot head, huh?" he joked, but Snowsong was hardly amused. She flicked her ears in annoyance. When she didn’t respond or laugh, he continued: "Don't take it personally, I'm jus' jokin'. You seem like you could use some cheerin' up, 'n I specialize in that sort of thing. I dun think you are a bad Pokemon, I jus' think you are stressed. Why not talk about it? We could stick close to the group but far enough away not to be heard...we're goin' to be movin' soon after all."

If Snowsong wasn’t so irritated, she might have appreciated Aggranium’s concern. But being the way she was, she wasn’t about to divulge anything.

“There’s nothing to talk about,” the Glaceon growled, glaring at the ground.


(That last sentence... say it five times fast, I dare ya xD)

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