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Default Re: Member of the Year

Nicest Member: Mintjelly
Funniest Member: Lan.EXE
Smartest Member: Lan.EXE
Most Helpful: Mintjelly

Best Writer/Roleplayer:
Best Drawn/Sprite/Graphics Artist:
Best Battler:
Best URPG Participant: Nitro
Best ASB Participant: 3m0d0ll?
Best WFL Participant

Best New Member: Mintjelly
Most Active Member: Typhlosion Explosion I guess
Best Staff Member: Loyal Arcanine
Wish You Were Here: Loyal Arcanine, Earth Type Rule, Husnain, Rohypynol
Award for Outstanding Contribution to PE2K: Sarah fo sho
Member of the Year: Zolar


Favourite Pokemon: Treecko
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