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Default Member of the Year 2012 Voting Section

Hey everynyan!

It’s Minty, Typhlosion Explosion and Digital here, and we’re bringing you PE2K’s Member of the Year!

Alrighty guys, here’s how it goes (green text time, yay!):
(inb4 some people skip this and don’t vote properly)

>Le copy and paste everything from the spoilers
>Add names of users who you think deserve the titles
> For skill, make sure it’s a person who actually participates in it (which means Minty shouldn’t be nominated for ASB, since she doesn’t participate in it)
>Only cast your ballot once
>Don't vote for yourself

Voting will end on January 21.

Here’s your categories…

Nicest Member
Funniest Member
Smartest Member
Most Helpful

Best Writer/Roleplayer
Best Drawn/Sprite/Graphics Artist
Best Battler
Best URPG Participant
Best ASB Participant
Best WFL Participant

Best New Member
Most Active Member
Best Staff Member
Wish You Were Here
Award for Outstanding Contribution to PE2K
Member of the Year


Favourite Pokemon

If you answered Yes, then go ahead and start voting!
If you answered No, please read over everything.
If you answered Bidoof, then you are a Pokemon.

Good luck to everyone nominated!

Shun the non-believer

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