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OOC: I’m back from my trip xD

Hope and Lifewing

The Pokemon were introducing themselves to the newcomers. Lifewing grumbled as the burn on his back festered and tortured him. Hope had pushed aside his entrance as if it were nothing. He had wanted for his wound to be healed immediately by that Pikachu, but apparently there were no berries that could heal burns. Lifewing was getting resentful of listening to Hope about coming here. He looked at the Riolu, Symon, as a Leafeon named Isla introduced herself, as Symon guessed that old, accursed Absol’s name. So it was Brokenstar, eh?

“We’ve probably stayed too long already. Get ready to leave.”

The Mightyena, the apparent leader of the group, had barked this out suddenly, raising her voice. The Pidgeotto watched as Hope got up, shaking himself quickly to get his old bones ready for travel.

The Hope for Dawn looked at the Mightyena as she announced the call to leave. On one hand it would be hard to travel, but they needed food, and the fog was getting worse. Apparently the two Pikachu were actually quite kind, and seeing them nearly snap was a bad thing. Hope barked a quick order for Lifewing to get up, watching as the Pidgeotto took a moment to sigh, and then awkwardly get onto his feet, hobbling along. Deep down, Hope pitied the bird Pokemon for not being able to fly, to feel the wind on his face. But now was not the time for pity.

Hope looked at the Absol, Brokenstar. She was impossibly old, older than the Sceptile himself. And injured, to boot.

Hope limped over to the old Pokemon, his face showing no emotion as he looked at the ugly gash on her left shoulder..

“Are you in need, wise one?” Hope asked her.
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