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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Originally Posted by Dark Moonlight View Post
I can only play my Randomizer on the weekends because it's on a computer I only get at the weekend :O Sorry bout not mentioning that, guys.
No worries! ^^ We'll look forward to your next update! :)

@Meg: Aw... Well, that's still all right ^^ You're a fantastic writer, and I'll be lookin' forward to reading it! Illustrations are a good way to go, too; I'm thinking about doing that for this Platinum run, since I am a terrible drawer of persons xD

@Corey: Dude, nice! :D I just caught an Electabuzz on Route 222~! ^^ Wish I could find some shinies, though xD

@Kaoru: Eh, why not? Ya don't need to make it too hard on yerself, right? Unless you want to?

...Did I miss anyone? xD


Welcome to the group, Lati! :D I'll add your thread in a bit! ^^

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