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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy was relieved that his wound wasn't too serious. Although it still hurt, but he knew better than to complain especially when someone was trying to help.

"Symon is a wonderful name, and one that is not too common. Cherish it always, for it should never be the mark of shame," she mused softly,

Sy looked down and nodded.


Sy did always prefer his shorter name, but it didn't mean he was ashamed of his full name or even mean he hated it his brother always called him Sy so he had just gotten used to it and found himself preferring that name. He wasn't gonna argue if someone called him by his full name. He listened as Brokenstar continued.

"As for my name, perhaps it shall be a little game. Tell me, Symon, what is the most notable feature an Absol has? The first portion of my name is based on what condition it is in. As for the second part of my name...What is always above us, even when we can no longer see them in the glare of the sun?" She tilted her head, knowing that the longer she could keep him preoccupied the better. "Combine those two together, and you shall have my name."

Sy actually managed a small smile at this. It was his first smile in goodness knows how long however small. The Riolu xcanned the Absol and saw that her horn was broken.

Okay so I guess broken is the first part.

Sy then looked up at the sky, although invisible right now he knew that there were stars up there. Sy then combined the two words together.

Errm Brokenstars? Wait...maybe if I take the s off the end? Brokenstar? Yeah that sounds better.

"Err....Brokenstar...right?" he asked shyly, hoping he got it right. Although he has been told by his brother that he was quite good at guessing games. Sy wasn't sure though. Guessing games just take a little thinking power. He was sure that anyone could do it. Sy then noticed A pink Leafeon head towards him. Sy quite liked her her colour but didn't say anything as he was afraid he would offend her.

"Hello," she greeted as she finally stopped in front of them. "Welcome to the group, little one. My name is Isla."

"H..hi" said Sy. "I'm Symon..but call..." Sy stopped himself as he remembered what Brokenstar said. "Well I like Sy best..but call me whatever you want."

"And my offer for you to get a ride is still open, child." he heard Brokenstar say.

"Th...thanks for the offer." said Sy. "But I'll be okay."

Sy could clearly see that Brokenstar was hurting and didn't want to make it worse by riding on her even if he was exhausted. But didn't say anything, not wanting to hurt her pride or something. Sy then glanced at the Charmeleon and shyly went up to her.

" okay? We're heading off soon, can you stand?" he asked with concern.

One good quality about this young Riolu is that his concern for others when they're sad or hurt can easily override his shyness. He is a very sensitive and considerate Riolu.

OOC: Finally, I managed a long post! I'm so happy! Well long-ish
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