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(Still nothing for Re'zula. Trust me guys, I don't want them running into the group like everyone else in the swamp. I'm sure I'll think of some way to get them rolling. Re'zula is probably still complaining and well, no one likes to hear that, eh?)

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"No, thanks, Aggranium," the healer grumbled, turning away.

Aggranium frowned a little. Hrm, this will be a bit harder than I thought. But if I don't stay happy 'n goofy, no one else will. I can't let everyone else get sad, I reckon. There's too much of that from my experience. "Well okay then, but the offer will always be open!" Glancing around, he spied the figure of the Ice Type Eeveelution slinking back into the group, perhaps hoping to be unnoticed. Deciding that Yuri seeing her probably wasn't a good idea due to her still being aggravated, he quickly waddled his way over there - his heavy weight forcing him to do so in the muck - while keeping a big grin on his face.

And of course, the way he arranged his body was to prevent the angry Pikachu from seeing her, although with his bulk it wasn't a difficult task. "Snowsong, feelin' better with that little romp?" He kept his voice down within a normal range, not shouting in his jovial manner as usual. "You know, it's a bit ironic. You're an Ice Type but you seem to be a lil' bit of a hot head, huh?" He snickered. "Don't take it personally, I'm jus' jokin'. You seem like you could use some cheerin' up, 'n I specialize in that sort of thing. I dun think you are a bad Pokemon, I jus' think you are stressed. Why not talk about it? We could stick close to the group but far enough away not to be heard...we're goin' to be movin' soon after all." He was just trying to be helpful, but with any luck, perhaps, she would tell him. He wasn't necessarily an Outsider, but he wasn't exactly Valley either. He hovered in between the lines, welcome only on the fringes of that once peaceful place, and he dared not travel far beyond it despite all the pain it brought him.

Brokenstar, in the meantime, looked over Sy's wound, which thankfully did not seem as deep as she thought before. "While a berry would greatly help, I believe it will heal on its own given enough time. I am not a healer, child, but you appear to have gotten off quite lucky with your wounds. You are young and will heal quickly." He jumped at Yuri's snapping, and while incredibly nervous, thanked Poppy and Chip's hospitality when they greeted him. She had not spoken her name to him, but decided that it was to be a game as he was so obviously lost.

"Symon is a wonderful name, and one that is not too common. Cherish it always, for it should never be the mark of shame," she mused softly, before thinking. "As for my name, perhaps it shall be a little game. Tell me, Symon, what is the most notable feature an Absol has? The first portion of my name is based on what condition it is in. As for the second part of my name...What is always above us, even when we can no longer see them in the glare of the sun?" She tilted her head, knowing that the longer she could keep him preoccupied the better. "Combine those two together, and you shall have my name."

She heard the announcement they were leaving soon. "And my offer for you to get a ride is still open, child." Her wound was throbbing from its inability to heal in the environment, but she knew that trying to rest now was hopeless. Helping others, she was sure, would take her mind off its incessant aching and her own weary bones.
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