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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

Started my Pokemon Black Nuzlocke today. Haven't made a lot of progress yet, but it's a start.
After A-ing through Juniper's introduction and choosing my name, I started off on my journey.
My Starter Pokemon of choice was Oshawott, who i named Quote, after the main character in Cave Story.
I then got onto Route 1, where I caught a Lillipup, who i named Rush, after both the band and (mainly) Mega Man's robot dog.
After Route 1, I made my way into Accumula, skipped through the Poke-Center tutorial and Team Plasma's speech, then battled N and beat him with no casualties. I stocked up on 5 Potions and 10 Pokeballs+a Premier Ball and went on my way to Route 2. Picked up my Running Shoes and went into the tall grass where I found a Patrat. I am NOT using a Patrat. I refuse. Beat the Patrat + the surrounding trainers and got into Striation where I fought Cheren and Bianca. I beat them both, but Cheren nearly knocked out Rush with a Critical hit at one point. This is where I stopped for today, but I'll be continuing tomorrow.
Current Team:

Quote the Oshawott
Lv. 12

Rush the Lillipup
Lv. 8

If you want me to make these shorter, or funnier or whatever, let me know. It felt a bit stilted when I wrote it out
Oh and are these meant to be in their own thread or something?
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