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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
Calm down 3m0d0l
There's a special place in hell for people who tell others to calm down during a debate. I'm completely calm. Maybe slightly irritated at consistent stupidity regarding the marijuana prohibition, but that's hardly to do with this particular argument.

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
there is no need for any personal attacks
This wasn't meant to be a personal attack towards you, more of an expressed irritation at all the stoners that give other stoners a bad name by spreading these biased lies.

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
i am aware that you cant grow brain cells unless you have cancer, what is mean by "grow brain cells" is obviously that weed affects brain activity in some way, i don't know, i'm not a doctor.

No; growing brain cells means exactly that, and it's impossible. Brain cells don't multiply - you're born with X and the number can only decrease. You can increase the density of your neural pathways, but that has nothing to do with the number of brain cells.

Everything alters the way your brain works. Everything in the entire universe. Specific food, such as turkey and chocolate, tell our brain to release dopamine, which is why chocolate is a stereotypical comfort food.

TCH is a psychedelic, so it doesn't necessarily increase or decrease CNS activity. A person's reaction depends entirely on the user and their expectations, past experiences, reasons for taking it, and other personal factors. Psychedelics are absolutely the safest drugs you can use, as weed, psilocybin mushrooms, and LSD are the three least harmful drugs, respectively.

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
If weed isn't exceptionally addictive, then why are you so strongly against it?
HAHAHAHAHA. You clearly don't know me well at all. xD

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
Alcohol has no positive effects
Incorrect. As I said earlier, alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows neurotransmission (neurons "talking" to one another). This can be very relaxing to some and this helps many people. Of course, anything is bad when used excessively (even water, according to your previous post). You need to be able to moderate yourself.

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
it causes memory loss, dizzyness, blurry vision, nausea, and the list goes on
I put a line through the differences between being drunk and being high.


Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
79.000 people on average dies from alcohol poisoning each year, and that is from simply consuming too much alcohol, even more people die if you also include the results of drunk driving, drunk violence, drunk suicide and drunk self injury
How many people do you think have died because they were driving while high? I , personally, know two that have been in car crashes, though thankfully no deaths.

If you're drunk and you think you're okay to drive, you're an idiot and you have no business being around other people because you're a danger to yourself and others. Same principal to people who are stoned. You're impaired. Don't get into a two ton vehicle. It's not a complicated concept.
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