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(OOC: Thought I'd get in a quick post. I was going to wait until a couple more people posted, but I didn't think a short post would hurt anything, especially seeing as I won't be able to check again until Tuesday. Some people are coming to check out our internet. >.<)

Isla, Flash, and Yuri (Leafeon, Flareon, and Pikachu)

Yuri grumbled quietly to herself, arms crossed angrily, and glaring out across the swamp. She could still hear the chatter of the group behind and could say that she was very relieved to hear Nightfang say that the group she be moving on. It sounded like a good idea to her, she couldn't wait to get out of this swamp, where she would better be able to find things she and Torin would need - but something told her that would not be easy.

While Yuri was sulking off by herself, Isla decided to leave Flash on his own and walk over to introduce herself to the new additions, starting with the young Riolu who was talking to Poppy and Chip. She padded over slowly, making sure to stay in sight so he knew that she was coming. She didn't want to spook him by sneaking up on him - she'd made that mistake before, long before she'd joined with the group, and it had nearly gotten her attacked.

"Hello," she greeted as she finally stopped in front of them. "Welcome to the group, little one. My name is Isla."

Flash, meanwhile, was distracted when a Pikachu walked up to him. He knew it wasn't Yuri, but he was struggling to remember all the names of the Pokémon Isla had mentioned, as she had spoken pretty fast when mentioning everyone's names and as much as she knew about them. The male Pikachu was a healer like Yuri - Arceus, what was his name? Tyler? Thomas? No, Torin. That was it.

“A fire type...” The Pikachu shot a quick glance at Embyr before looking back at the Pokemon in front of him. “Maybe you could help before we get moving. Can you hold your fire in all this moisture? More specifically, can you use an Ember attack to strengthen the flame on her tail?” Torin said, pointing to the weak, melancholy Charmeleon. “If anything at all can be accomplished in this murky place that might be it.”

Flash glanced over at the Charmeleon, noticing the flame on her tail was rather small. Flash thought for a minute, he didn't know if he could help as he hadn't really tried to use his fire-type moves since reaching the swamp. He'd been too focused on traveling, and then he'd recognized Isla's scent and focused on finding her and the group.

"I'm not sure how much help it would be," Flash said finally, looking back to Torin. "I haven't tried using my fire moves since I entered the swamp as I had no reason to use them, but I can certainly try."
Credit to Dylan for the avvie and banner. :D

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