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Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post

the bad thing about weed is that it is often mixed with tobacco, which is bad, it also contains tar, apparently, but since i dont know what they mean by "tar" it probably isnt very harmful, it may also cause serotonin poisoning, which is deadly, but thats only if you smoke A LOT of weed. But if you look away from that, weed is mostly a medicine.
You're a damn idiot.

THC has more carcinogens than tobacco, so it doesn't cure cancer, it causes respiratory cancer. That's why people have created alternate ways to smoke it (edibles, vaping, etc), rather than just in a pipe. As with any kind of smoke, it's hard on your body; if you stand over a fireplace everyday for a few years and don't have respiratory issues, then good on you, buddy. Marijuana causes existing cancer to go into remission, but doesn't cure it. Nobody has found a cure to cancer yet. Marijuana helps with nausea and the lack of appetite that chemotherapy is often paired with. That's why it's recommended for cancer patients.

Since it does contain more carcinogens than tobacco, it's caused cancer, but since 1) people who smoke weed often smoke fags/drink alcohol, it's hard to say, "Yes, marijuana caused this person's ailment," 2) Marijuana activists don't study the long term effects of marijuana and how it effects your body, so we don't know what it does to people in the long run. People who say, "My medicine never killed anybody!" need to get a damn reality check.

While marijuana isn't physically addictive (i.e. you won't go though withdraw), but, as with most things, it is psychologically addictive. For example, let's say you drove to work every day for five years. But your car got stolen, so you'll have to bus to and from the office for a few weeks. While on the bus, as you're in a new and uncomfortable situation, you may be irritable, depressed, moody, short-tempered, and so on. Sure, if you tried hard enough, you could be yourself, but instinct says to react harshly to the new situation. Marijuana is addictive using the same principle that says video games are addictive.

The fact that Marijuana is illegal and not seen by the US Federal Government as a medicine is what causes it to be "public enemy no. 1." Cocaine and heroin have medical uses (pain, anti-depressants, etc), which is why they're not seen as such a threat compared marijuana. Bud costs our country millions of dollars a year, as it's the DEA's first priority. That WILL NOT change until the marijuana prohibition ends and I believe that to be fact.

Alcohol doesn't cause you to be depressed, though it is a depressant; it slows your central nervous system so you function, think, process, move half as quickly. It doesn't cause depression. Now, I will say that alcoholics are often depressed, isolated people, but in my anecdotal opinion gathered from family members and people in AA meetings, they're depressed because they're alcoholics, because they pushed their families away with their addiction, because they lost their house or car, or because they were driving drunk and hurt someone. Their addiction is what caused them to be depressed, not the alcohol itself. The alcohol's effects end when your body metabolizes it, thus if this picture was even partially accurate, you wouldn't be depressed once you sobered up.

It's impossible to grow/create brain cells. Period.

There are only two correct statements in that chart. If people would exercise their damn ability to Google, they would know this. Lack of critical thinking is toxic, in my opinion. People should never believe what they hear outright. Research it. Find other unbiased sources. Think. Research some more. People always want a quick fact, rather than challenging what they're told. It's irresponsible, lazy, and idiotic. You're wasting that ten-pound organ in your head if you just walk around blind, believing everything you hear. It's utterly pathetic. For once in your life, just think. It honestly isn't that hard.

On a side note, GW, why the hell did you post something so controversial in this thread?
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