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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Actually, there is no tar in weed. And I don't think you can get serotonin poisoning if there is no serotonin in or produced from weed. xD

Don't believe ANYTHING anti-drug companies, associations, organizations, etc tell you about any drug. They just want to draw you away from it. Schools are also terrible information for drugs. My middle school actually fooled people into believing rocket fuel was in cigarettes.

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) reacts with anandamide though, which causes the soothing sensation marijuana provides. Dopamine also aids in this.

As the chart said, there are no deaths in history from cannabis. You can't really overdose on marijuana because you'll fall asleep first. And it'd be so expensive to get THAT much weed.

*notices Cobalt's post finally*

What's a merlin

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