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In advance... Sorry about all the reading in this SU.

Name: Lisa Blackeye

Age: She isn't sure... Old enough to remember the Civil War... She figures she is about 200 years old. She assumes that isn't old for a dragon since she only looks about twenty-ish in human form.

Gender: Female

Race: Western Dragon-An overgrown, winged lizard famous for its fire. Tales of this creature hail from Europe.
Subtype: Unnamed
-Dragons have a ridiculously long life-span, and they age slowly, so they can live for about a hundred years and not really look much older.
-A dragon's growth peaks at early ages. After about thirty to fourty years, their growth rates drop dramatically.
-Dragons are naturally resiliant creatures.
-Dragons do have access to some magics, but very few understand that they can use it.
-Dragons are carnivorous.
-Dragons are naturally cold-blooded
-Dragons have many varieties.
-Dragons of her variety, have a flexible enough bone structure to shift stance from four legs to two legs. This is not comfortable but possible. They tend to prefer the four legged stance. They can also modify their fifth finger into an opposable thumb. Again this in uncomfortable, but is possible. It also has more extremes to its ageing process as well as its growing process.

Affiliation: Dragons show fealty to none! She currently does not affiliate herself with anyone. She herself is not fond of secrecy, but the idea of being shot out of the sky on sight is not pleasing either.

Appearance: As a dragon, she has black scales. She could be considered a small dragon. She is about fifteen feet long, but half of it is tail. With a four foot stance she can look a six-foot tall man in the eye. She weighs about a ton though she won't admit it. She has a thirty foot wingspan, so her ability to get in the air is relatively unquestionable. Her back legs are actually longer than her front legs, but it isn't noticeable unless she switches her posture because it requires a shift in her leg bones and hip bones. When she switches to a Bipedal stance she is over ten feet tall with short but muscled legs. Whichever stance she decided to occupy, she has a muscular, thin frame.
The transition from human to dragon is extremely painful. It can also take a long time. This is her transition phase. She uses it if she needs to get around faster or is threatened. She typically has to feel very threatened or actually need to get somewhere in a hurry. Life-or-Death situation type things. She will stand at about eight feet tall, have a four foot long tail, and a ten foot wingspan. She will have black scales. It is easier to get to this phase from human form or dragon form.
In her human form, she is a over five feet tall, so she is not terribly short. She looks like an athlete because she retains some of her muscular frame. Dragons don't produce milk because they are reptilian, so she doesn't have those on her chest even in human form. She has pale skin. She doesn't look like she sees the sun often. Her eye color is red. She explains that she uses contacts with that tint as a cover-up. She has black hair. It is short and spiked as it is every morning. She manages to comb out the scale-like flakes, so her hair looks human. Her teeth are also pointed, so she doesn't open her mouth often in public. She would go barefoot, but she has to put something on her feet to look normal. She is typically wearing flip-flops. She wears jeans that look worn and ripped. She also wears t-shirts. Aside from that she looks like your average young adult. This is also the form she will stay in for most of the time.

Personality: She has a two mindsets. One is primitive, cold, and reptilian, but the other is fairly human. She normally does not use her reptilian mind-set, but she can regardless of form. It is vicious and purely self-preserving. It does not show emotion aside from fear and the lack of fear. If it does not attack, it does not care you exist. It is not capable of love. It will never like you, it will only put-up-with you at best.
The other mindset is fairly human. She has and can display each emotion. This is where her personality matters. She has already hit the age where she is capable and has the desire to find a mate. She does not feel an attraction to male humans, and any dragons left in the world will be well hidden amongst the population. Needless to say, she feels alone in the world. She knows she will easily outlive human friends. She avoids that pain by not meeting aquaintances. These last for awhile, but she eventually gets sick of them, and she can't exactly hide the lack of ageing to her body. She can't exactly tell people that she isn't human. This secret burdens her heart. She can't make actual friends, and she has to move away often. The simplest word to describe her is lonely. On first appearance she will seems antisocial, but by nature she is friendly, and even a little childish. Unlike the typical mythology she isn't led by greed, and she doesn't see much value in paper money. She is passionate, but she doesn't know about what. She also, like many of her kind, is prideful. She loves the sky and wishes to roam its currents freely. She knows that she simply can't and that is sad to her.

History: Lisa knows that she hatched from an egg. She does not know when or where. She, like a lot of her race in those days, seemed to be abandoned somewhere. She does not remember much as events, but she holds a slight scar of abandonment. She knows she was self-sufficient, and capable of surviving without assisstance. She could remember some certain events from early on. She discovered Winter. It had nearly killed her, but she fortunately learned of her own abilities with fire. She remembered this because it seemed to happen in a cycle. It was hot, and then it cooled, and then it was cold, and then warmer, and then hot again. She was able to survive it, but she didn't like the cold times. Several cycles later, she discovered what could be a new food source, or rather the new food source found her. She was still at a tender age, so they were a little big too her. They stood upright on two legs and had little fur. She was outnumbered, so her better judgement was not to take a bite quite yet. She let loose a little fire for show. This was apparently pleasing to the strange two-legged things. She was moved to another location. She took a bite out of one of them. They tasted very very very bad. That taste stuck with her. Of course she found herself stuck around there for awhile. She did not particularly like living in a confined space and having food thrust upon her. After a cycle or two she managed to escape. Many cycles passed, and she lived in happy isolation. She flew east. She noticed that more of these two-legged things began creeping along. She watched them with curiosity. She was unsure of what they were plotting, but niether did she care. She also began to notice her growth was slowing. She felt compelled to go somewhere. It was a shaman's tent, she found herself here for awhile. The Shaman turned out to be a warlock. It wasn't an immensely powerful warlock. It knew enough to let her know what she was, but that didn't really matter to her. She also learned a little magic. The only spell that she really remembered is transformation. It was found to be painful. She was still very young for a dragon, so she was about as far from imposing as one could be. She was kept as a sort of pet by the shaman warlock for awhile. She didn't particularly like being a pet, and slipped away. She was out for many more winters. She saw first hand how humans treated each other. She also didn't find the event called the Civil War ammusing. Many more cycles passed. She began watching humans closely, as she learned what they call themselves. She studied from their reactions, what could be a language. She did this for many more years. She eventually began to understand the human language called English. Her understanding was limited, but it was better than nothing. As the years pass, she ages very slowly. She doesn't understand much of what is called a society in what is called a country. She has reached a hundred years old. Her growth becomes sluggish as her body and mind begins to mature. In her human form she is still easily considered a child. She roams the streets at learns that humans have some code of something called modesty. She finds herself picked up off the streets and forced into what seems to her a second skin. She doesn't really understand what is going on and attempts to ask. She finds the result of her question is scolding and a slap. This is not pleasant to her and slapping a dragon is not high on the list of smart things to do. One can imagine the result and unpleasant situation the aggressor was in. She did learn something from this encounter. Humans appreciate some strange false skin to cover their own. It was something they called clothing. She noticed her mind was beginning to process information at an accelerated rate. She managed to pick up on the rest of the human language known as English, after a few more years of hard core studying. Some years pass as she is adjusting to society. She acquires a job to help pass the time. She manages to make a tiny amount, and she gains an avid interest in the human game baseball. She finds she enjoys watching the man called Babe Ruth. She also hears rumors that a place out in the east called Europe is in the middle of a war. An important sounding man named Woodrow Wilson said that they would not enter this war. She could remember watching the thing called the Civil War. She did not have particularly fond memories of it. A few years, as she found it was called, she learned that this country was joining the war. She wondered if humans enjoy war. A few years later the war was over. This surprised Lisa a little. A lot of people were happy for awhile. This seemed pleasant to her. Of course the Stock Market Crash ruined this mood. It didn't really affect her much. She hunted for her food and the wild was her home, but the humans' general attitude was fairly depressing. As the years went she began to practice reading. She eventually got the alphabet down, and after that she figured out reading pretty quickly by herself. Apparently people didn't approve of a girl her "age" reading all day. This made little sense to her, but she found other ways to spend her time. Years later after having been on the move again. It seemed that this country was going to stay out of another war brewing in Europe. She sort of doubted it. She found herself correct. She is surprised that the sheer power of two bombs convinced a strange country to surrender. Lisa leaves society for a while. While out in the wilderness she realizes that she is looking for a mate. The idea is shocking to her, but she cannot deny it. She continues the search and returns sometime later to society in dissappointment. She discovers something amazing after returning. The color Television sits playing in a store window. She stares in wonderment at this strange device. She has a mediocre job and hears something about astronauts as the years pass. She finds out what an astronaut is and is trulely astonished. She also encounters alcohol by accident, and that too was astonishing. She decided it was pleasant, but did not like the aftereffects. The next decade is intriguing to her. It seems men with darker skin want to be treated as equals by the men with the lighter skin. The controversy seemed stupid to her, but it was intriguing that the "white" men fought it so aggressively. Aside from that she showed a general disinterest in current events, She did take note of events in a place called Cuba, but she noticed that was a lost cause. To sum up the remaining thirty or so years, she mostly just worked and moved and learned. She stayed under the government radar as well.

Predator's mind: Her primitive mindset. It can be switched on or off at will. On is a lot easier than off...
Angry smoke: When angered smoke will rise from her mouth and nostrils.
Fire Breath: She can release a jet of flame in any form. It is significantly more powerful in dragon form.
Learned Language: She can read and understand English in any form. She can only speak it in human.

Human: She is at her most vulnerable. She can be wounded or killed almost as easily as a human.
Enhanced Strength: She retains some of her dragoness strength. She is a good bit stronger than the average human with the same weight, height, and gender.
Enhanced senses: Her senses are a little better than a humans while in human form.
Mending: Flesh wounds will heal slightly faster.
Tough skin: Her skin is slightly tougher than a humans. It also is slightly fire resistant.
Dragon Shape: She shifts into her true form.

Half: Nothing extremely different from the Human form. She can no longer speak in English, but her scales improve her tough skin. She also can fly, but not for extended periods of time. Her claws and teeth can be used, but they aren't at their true brutality.

Dragon: A true daughter of the skies with a breath that can set a forest ablaze.
Natural Mending: Her mending does not improve, but it beats a human's healing abilities.
Wings: With her wings restored to their full glory, she can fly not only far, but very very fast.
Fire Breath: Her fire breath is much improved.
Dragon scales: She is resistant to fire and her tough scaly hide will help against most physical damage.
Dragon claws and fangs: She has her teeth and claws at their full glory, and they carry the brutality of a butcher with the luster of a many precious pearls.
Dragon's Senses: Her senses are at their peak, and they are impressive.
Dragon Strength: Her strength is the strength of a dragon.
Pose Shift: She switches from four legs to two.
Human Form: She indulges her limited knowledge of magic to take on human form.

If one watches close enough the transition between positions can be observed. She has to go to be on all four legs when shifting. The bones can be observed through the skin by a good eye. This can be exploited. If she takes a hard enough hit to her leg while switching her stance, it could dislocate that hip. It would be intensely painful and crippling. She would be able to force it back into place, but that would take a good moment. During that moment she is pretty much vulnerable.

She is cold-blooded, in case that was missed. This means that her blood temperature is dependent on the surrounding air. If she overheats(she spits fire so she is used to extreme heat and is resistant to it) or she gets to cold(She can survive Winters out in the cold, but she does not like it at all), it could kill her. The cold of course would make her more sluggish, until she gets to the point where she loses to much heat. The heat probably wouldn't bother her.

Her scales can defend aptly against slashing and stabbing attacks. Crushing attacks not so much. Bullets of course exist and those could prove to be a problem to her, and guns are readily available to civilians.

Breathing fire in human form will cause her to burn herself. She resists it, but she isn't fireproof.

Shifting between forms is an extremely painful experience. It also at best can take an hour or two, but that is pushing it on a good day. She can switch to the half form in about twenty minutes from her human form. She does not usually stop here if she is changing to human.

She will spend most of her time in Human form. She is currently residing in the southern part of the United States.

Sorry there is probably a lot of reading to this, and things that are probably irrational.
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