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Exclamation Re: New Series

Originally Posted by Fistodragon View Post
Awww I wanted to be the combo breaker :C
Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Actually there are rumous from Japan already that Gen 6 is coming very soon. First they ended Ash's journey through Unvoa quickly, secondly they've released all of the RSE legends for BW2 in Japan which hints that there won't be RSE remakes this generation and thirdly there are no Pokemon games scheduled for release in Japan right now. So we're expecting the first Gen 6 Pokemon to be revealed any time now xD

I don't mind if Ash is in it. Iris annoys me so much though >_> It would be cool if they did a mini series with the BW2 characters only, just until gen 6 was announced.
I seriously hope not. I'm hoping that the upcoming Genesect movie will be introducing the new Generation mascot long before they really start to dive into the Gen VI introductions (like how Lucario introduced Gen IV and Zoroark, Gen V).

As for Iris, I have to agree on her being annoying. Kid here, kid there. Some catchphrases really get annoying real fast, especially this one.
Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
"Now an overall question about the show. Will Ash ever become a Pokemon Master? He laughed and fell back on the couch. He blatantly said that when Ash becomes a Pokemon Master, the show will end. It will be the last episode."


From the interview with Masamitsu Hidaka, director and storyboard for the anime.

Kinda pointless to each now, knowing he'll never win the league until Pokemon dies out...It's basically the same plot over and over again. Oh well...

Yeah since they got through the Higaki Conference in Japan, I think we're close to another game. B2W2 didn't make many changes, so I HOPE they don't go through Unova again. Talk about a terrible plot twist. xD
Well I half expected that. I mean if Ash becomes a Pokémon master/Champion/Frontier Brain, where does the anime go once Ash has no need to continue building his strength to become a Pokémon master. I do agree though that following the same storyline with different faces has become a horrible trope for this anime.
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