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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Sorry for the time it's taken me to reply, guys, but I had to get back on a plane to go home, and then I just kind of hit rock bottom and fell asleep not long after I got home. XD

Sabi, Ira looks pretty and her SU looks fine. Accepted.

It's nice to see you coming out of hiding, Seal! Of course you can have a reserve.

Dragotech, as long as you feel that you can catch up after your absence and don't leave anyone depending on your character's reaction to anything (because that kills RPs), you are welcome to join, leave, and come back.

Also, I'm going to merge yours and Moofius's questions here; I don't care what mythological creatures you bring in so long as you can explain what they are, make sure they aren't overpowered (look over other SUs for ideas, if you need to), and can also explain how they stay hidden from normal humans (be this by glamour, a secondary human form, or whatever else you can think of as long as you can explain it). Everything is free game, as long as you can explain those three things.

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