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Default Re: Store suggestion for pe2k

Originally Posted by goldwynaut View Post
It would be interesting, to be honest i cant see why money would be a problem, pe2k has occasional plushie giveaways, the plushies are always either home made or of very high quality, the official pe2k merchandise wouldn't need to be of high quality, it could all be made in china. Making the design would't be a problem either, pe2k has many proud artists who would gladly take on the honor of drawing the artwork for free. This merchandise, if it looks sweet enough, would also have decent advertisement value, because it would have pe2k written clearly on it, the other stuff seems pointless, but a t-shirt/hoodie would be a grate idea, maybe it would be something to consider if pe2k don't have any other priorities for their money.

Also, Brandon, if you only want to have something with pe2k written on it for yourself, there are places on the internet where you can make it online and buy it.
Um, excuse you. First of all, money is a major issue, no matter the quality. Everything we make will most likely come out of Ryan's pockets. He already has to pay for a forum. Second of all, WE CANNOT CONTACT RYAN. ANY KIND OF CHANGES, such as a shop and donating, MADE TO THE FORUM MUST BE APPROVED BY HIM. HARRY IS THE ONLY ONE WITH CONTACT INFO FOR RYAN AND RYAN IS A VERY BUSY GUY.

Thank you. End of discussion. We've listed our reasons as to why this idea will most likely not happen.
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