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Officials Post

*I respected your story line please respect this. I got this Kaoru and Charmander..*

Rattata lead you through the tunnel. The deep you went the more concerned you became. As you reached the deepest point of the tunnel you notice something was following you

The Meowth Appeared

It seems to have been following you battle it or capture it ?
The tunnel just kept going and going, I was starting to get worried. But I also trusted that Cage would find an exit. And again, I felt something watching me from behind. I turned around slowly and notice it's the Meowth from earlier.

''Hey, what are you doing following me? Aren't you satisfied with almost scratching my face off?'' The Meowth just stood there, watching carefully just like before. ''Seems that you want to finish our battle. Cage, it's your turn to battle.'' Cage got in front of me, ready to battle with the Meowth.

''Ok Cage, use Focus Energy.'' Cage closed his eyes, trying to focus his power in one point of his body. The Meowth used this opening to attack with Scratch and hit Cage directly. ''Cage are you okay!?'' Cage got up and was ready for another round, it was going to take more than a Scratch to take him down.

''Don't attack yet Cage. Let him come first.'' Cage nodded and put on a defensive pose, the Meowth went in for an attack again, this time using Bite. Hold on, just a bit... ''Use your Sucker Punch.'' Cage smacked Meowth right in his face with his tail. ''Raaattata!'' Cage let out a victory cry, happy for his first victory.

''Well done Cage, now let me do just one more thing.'' I grab one of my remaining Pokeballs and threw it again to the Meowth. This time hoping he would stay there.
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