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Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata
Currently: Still searching for an exit. Weeeeee.

While looking for an exit or at least a path I could follow, something caught my attantion. It was a sound, like a Pokemon cry. I decide to turn around with Rick's Pokeball at hand, just in case. After scanning the area as best as I could, I didn't find anything in the shadows of the passage. ''I swear I heard something, maybe it's just my imagination.'' I decide to keep looking, not paying too much attention to what happened but I need to advance carefully.

''Cage, come out.'' Knowing that he was weakened from the previous battle he had I grab him and put it on my head. ''Know, you must be tired from a while ago but I need your help finding a way out.'' Cage was still freshly caught and as such he wasn't to happy to be receiving orders. ''Please, you have been in this tunnel longer than me. Maybe you know of a way out. I promise that I'll get you all the berries you want when we get out.'' After saying this last words Cage started sniffing around, hopefully he can get us out.

Officials Post

*I respected your story line please respect this. I got this Kaoru and Charmander..*

Rattata lead you through the tunnel. The deep you went the more concerned you became. As you reached the deepest point of the tunnel you notice something was following you

The Meowth Appeared

It seems to have been following you battle it or capture it ?

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