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Default Kaoru's HeartGold Randomizer Nuzlocke

Welcome to Kaoru's Pokemon HeartGold Randomizer Nuzlocke! What is a Nuzlocke? Well, you can find out by reading the official site or Bulbapedia.

I must admit. This is my first Nuzlocke. After watching Marriland's Emerald Nuzlocke, I was inspired to do one of my own. Finally. I've played through both HeartGold and SoulSilver countless times and, for nostalgia reasons, I've decided to play through HeartGold all the way to the end. Wynaut, right?

Now, what is the Randomizer? In this case, it is an Action Replay code that, as its name suggests, randomizes the wild Pokemon you encounter. This code does not randomize the starters, Pokemon you receive from in-game trades, or Pokemon given to you. Knowing this, you never know which one of the 493 Pokemon you may encounter. You may find the code for the Randomizer here.

This Nuzlocke will be recorded and uploaded onto Youtube. You can find my channel here. Every time I record, edit, and upload a new video, I will make a new post in this threadlinking to the video.
All Nuzlocke challenges have rules, right? Right. Here they are!

  1. All fainted Pokemon will be boxed, not released.
    -The first Rival battle does not count.
    -2 Revive attempts max. They will be used wisely. (Why? Desperate times calls for desperate measures)
    -If a Pokemon faints during the Bug Catching Contest, IT WILL NOT COUNT AS A DEATH. This is because the Bug Catching Contest is an optional event.
  2. Trainer ID to obtain starter will be used. For example, if it ends with 1-3 I will choose Chikorita, 4-6 will be Cyndaquil, and 7-9 will be Totodile. If it ends with 0, then I get to choose.
  3. Catch only the first Pokemon on each Route. (Will not start until Poke Balls are obtained)
    -You have the option of not catching it.
    -Dupes clause will be in effect (by rare chance that happens).
    -Dupes clause will also occur when an evolution of a Pokemon I already own appears.
    -If a legendary appears as first encounter, it must be defeated and will not count as first encounter. The next non-legendary Pokemon will count.
    -If a shiny appears after first encounter, I will attempt to catch it. It will not be used.
    -All Pokemon given to the player (Togepi egg, Eevee, etc.) CAN be used.
    -Pokemon that are hatched from Eggs DO NOT count as the area encounter.
    -Game Corner Pokemon can be obtained, but will not be used.
    -Trades may only happen for trade evolutions or in-game trades.
  4. All Pokemon caught/obtained will be nicknamed.


~The one who will conquer Johto and Kanto~

Name: Quinn
ID No.: 62944
Starter: Cyndaquil
Badges: 2
Adventure Started: December 28th, 2012

~The one will try to put a stop to it~

Name: Silver
Starter: Totodile

~The one who will always be there~

Name: Corey
Starter: Cyndaquil & Marill


~The Troopers~ As of most recent video update

Nickname: Pyro
Gender: ♀
Level: 20
Nature: Quirky (neutral)
Characteristic: Quick to flee (+Spd)

Nickname: Lita
Gender: ♀
Level: 19
Nature: Lax (+ Def, - SpDef)
Characteristic: Likes to relax (+HP)

Nickname: Illuminati
Gender: ♀
Level: 19
Nature: Mild (+ SpAtk, - Def)
Characteristic: Highly curious

Nickname: Pixel
Level: 19
Nature: Calm (+ SpDef, - Atk)
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits (+ Def)

Nickname: ???
Gender: ???
Level: ??? (1)
Nature: ???
Characteristic: ???

Nickname: Stormie
Gender: --
Level: 6
Nature: Brave (+Atk, -Spd)
Characteristic: Good perseverance (+Def)

~The Boxed~

Nickname: Ishiyama
Gender: F
Level: 10
Nature: Careful (+SpDef, -SpAtk)
Characteristic: Highly curious (+SpAtk)

~The Fallen~



~The Updates~

Part 1 - Getting Started [uploaded 01/04/13]
Part 2 - Route 29 [uploaded 01/05/13]
Part 3 - Cherrygrove Tours [uploaded 01/05/13]
Part 4 - Route 30 & Mr. Pokemon's House [uploaded 01/05/13]
Part 5 - Rival Silver & Capture Tutorial [uploaded 01/06/13]
Part 6 - Route 29 Encounter & Routes 30 + 31 [uploaded 01/06/13]
Part 7 - Sprout Tower [uploaded 01/09/13]
Part 8 - Gym Leader Falkner + Togepi Egg [uploaded 01/10/13]
Part 9 - Route 32 [uploaded 01/14/13]
Part 10 - Union Cave + Route 33 [uploaded 01/14/13]
Part 11 - Slowpoke Well + Rocket Executive Proton [uploaded 01/14/13]
Part 12 - Gym Leader Bugsy [uploaded 01/28/13]
Part 13 - 2nd Battle VS Rival Silver + Ilex Forest [uploaded 02/01/13]
Part 14 - Route 34 [uploaded 02/01/13]
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