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The Rest of Chapter Six

After a few moments of making sure his pack was really gone Jesse turned back to Rosina, who was still hiding behind the tree. The two didn't say anything at first as an eerie silence fell over the woods, the chilly October breeze cutting through Rosina's body like a blade. The brunette didn't know how to react and couldn't even find the words to speak, her body still paralyzed by fear for what she had just witnessed. Jesse was a Werewolf, and was an Alpha of a small pack. Caleb was a Vampire, who was being accused of killing Rebecca's mother. Even though Rosina had had dreams about Jesse being a Werewolf and accepted it, she never imagined it could possibly be real, the brunette looking at Jesse in fear since she knew this was actually reality and not a dream.

"Rosina..." Jesse clearly saw the fear in her eyes as blood from where Sabrina had deeply scratched her cheek ran down her face, the Werewolf wanting to help Rosina but she took a step back.

"Don't come near me." Rosina warned. Even though she knew Jesse had just saved her and that he was the wolf who appeared when her leg got caught in the bear trap she was still terrified of him now, and when she saw Caleb later she would be terrified of him as well.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Rosina. I promise." Jesse spoke softly.

"I'll protect you. I promise." Jesse's words from Rosina's dream suddenly came to her, but she shook them away, her fear still eating away at the brunette.

"How is this possible? Are are you a Werewolf? And..." Rosina paused, remembering the copper colored wolf cub who had been with the light brown wolf when Rosina was caught by the bear trap. "How is Rebecca a Werewolf too?" Jesse looked down, the male leaning up against the tree that was next to him.

"A man named David who was a couple years older than me had turned me into a Werewolf when I was fifteen. He was a lone wolf wanting to start a pack of his own, so he turned Austin, Kevin, Sabrina and I. Since he was the one who turned all of us, he was our Alpha." Jesse explained.

"How are you their Alpha then? Where is David?" Rosina questioned, bringing Jesse to finally look back up at her.

"I'll explain that soon, but let me start at the beginning." Jesse responded, to which Rosina nodded but stood her ground as her fear was replaced by adrenaline to protect herself against Jesse. "After when David had turned us, our pack had bonded with one another and we all became really close friends. That's how I met Austin's twin sister Coral, and we fell in love instantly."

"Did she end up turning into a Werewolf too? Is that how Rebecca is a Werewolf?" Rosina asked, but Jesse shook his head.

"No. Coral was never a Werewolf, but she knew about us and kept our secret. A few years had gone by when Coral got pregnant with Rebecca, but there were complications with her pregnancy. We almost lost Rebecca three times while she was still inside her mother, and then she was born premature. The doctors said Rebecca only had a ten percent chance of living, so after getting permission by David, he allowed me to change Rebecca into a Werewolf to save her life."

"Wow..." Rosina whispered as Jesse's words sank in. "If two Werewolves were to, umm... mate together, will their child be born a Werewolf as well?"

"Yes." Jesse nodded. "David had explained everything to us before he was exiled."

"Exiled?" Rosina repeated in confusion, bringing Jesse to look back down.

"Shorty after Rebecca was born Coral had betrayed me. I thought she loved me, but she ended up cheating on me with David. When I found out I challenged David as the position for Alpha, since he had technically crossed territory by sleeping with the mother of my child. The two of us fought it out, and in the end I won. I had became the new Alpha to the pack, and I exiled David. If he were to return, he would be killed right on sight from my pack and I. Coral and I never got back together after that, even though she tried so many times." Jesse looked back up towards Rosina, seeing her jaw was dropped from the shock of learning this information.

"How does a person turn into a Werewolf if they weren't born one?" Rosina asked.

"From a Werewolf bite." Jesse responded. Rosina's eyes widened in fear again however as she looked towards her shoulder where Sabrina had bit her.

"S-Sabrina had bitten me..."

"That won't turn you." Jesse reassured the brunette. "In order to turn a human into a Werewolf then the other Werewolf has to be completely willing to do so, and I know for a fact turning you wasn't on her mind when she bit you. You'll be just fine." Rosina sighed in relief from Jesse's words, though a troubled look came onto her face.

"How do you know that Caleb is a Vampire?"

"Because of his scent." Jesse explained. "My pack knows he's a Vampire, and he knows that we're Werewolves. He could sense us, and one night while you were off from work he came into the diner while I was working. I have to treat him like any other costumer, so when I served him his food he replaced his fork and knife with a pair of pure silver ones. When I picked up the plate and started making my way back into the kitchen to clean it the handle of the knife touched my skin which burned it. That's how I knew that Caleb knew I was a Werewolf, so when I hurried back to the front of the diner to confront him he was already gone."

"Is that the reason why you and him hate each other so much?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to look away.

"Yes, but that's not the only reason..." Jesse looked back over to Rosina, the male taking a step forward only to have Rosina quickly step back.

"Is silver your only weakness?" Rosina asked.

"Silver and a plant called Wolfsbane. If we ingest Wolfsbane we will become weakened, and if we touch the plant with our bare skin then it will burn us like silver." Jesse responded.

"What happens during a full moon?"

"Our powers get stronger."

"Powers?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to nod.

"Besides our enhanced hearing, speed, strength, healing and smell, Werewolves have the ability called Telekinesis, where we can move objects with our mind and not touch them. The full moon strengthens everything for the time it is out, and we can even heal humans with our blood during that time." Jesse explained. "Werewolves can only heal themselves or other Werewolves, whether they're from the same pack or not, but Werewolves can't heal humans unless the full moon is out."

"There's so much to take in..." Rosina said in a low voice as she looked down towards the ground.

"I haven't even explained Vampires yet." Jesse reminded her, to which she slowly looked back up towards him.

"Do you, well... age?"

"We age like normal humans, and we can die like a human, but it takes a little bit more than a knife wound to kill a Werewolf." Jesse paused, studying Rosina for a few moments. "Do you want me to explain to you about Vampires?"

"I..." Rosina didn't know how to respond. She did want to know about Vampires but she thought Caleb should be the one to tell her, even though she was scared of him now as well. After taking a deep breath though Rosina shook her head, locking eyes with Jesse. "I need to hear everything about Vampires from Caleb."

"But he's dangerous." Jesse argued.

"And you're not?" Rosina challenged, to which Jesse clenched his jaw. "Look, I won't tell anyone about this, and I'm glad that you explained Werewolves to me, but you have to stay away from me now. I'm going to tell Caleb the same thing."

"You really don't want me around?" The pain in Jesse's voice and facial expression stung Rosina, but she stood her ground, the brunette shaking her head.

"I'm sorry Jesse... I can't be involved in this kind of life. I need to be normal, like everyone else."

"But you aren't normal, Rosina. Why do you think I fell for you?"

"I'm sorry." Rosina said again, beginning to walk away from Jesse.

"At least let me heal you. How are you going to explain those injuries to your parents?"

"It's a full moon tonight? But it's daytime right now. The moon isn't even out yet." Rosina spoke with confusion in her tone.

"It doesn't matter because the cycle has still begun." Jesse said, the male biting down on his wrist as his fangs pierced his skin. He pulled his arm away from his mouth where blood pooled his wrist, the Werewolf offering his arm to the brunette.

"I don't know..."

"Please." Jesse spoke, the two locking eyes. Rosina knew there was no possible way she could explain to her parents what had happened to her, this thought forcing her legs forward as Rosina made her way over to Jesse. At first Rosina hesitated when she stood in front of Jesse but after a few moments she took a deep breath and gently grabbed his wrist, bringing her mouth over his flesh as she slowly sank her teeth into his wrist. Jesse's blood slid down her throat like silk as she took a few sips, somehow a sweetness being tasted in his blood as the warm liquid traveled down her throat.

When Rosina pulled away she could instantly feel a tickling sensation where her wounds were as they disappeared a few moments later, though the scars from the car crash remained since she would have to become an actual Werewolf or Vampire for them to disappear. Jesse took back his wrist as leftover blood stained the side of Rosina's face, though he didn't dare wipe it off.

"Thank you." Rosina said when feeling her wounds were healed.

"You're welcome." Jesse responded, the two only inches from each other. All Jesse wanted to do was wrap his arms around Rosina's waist and pull her to where there could be no possible space keeping them apart and passionately kiss her, and Rosina surprisingly found herself wanting the same thing, but she couldn't cross that line now, not after finding out what Jesse truly was. Before the brunette did something she knew she was going to regret she turned around and began to walk away, Rosina not turning back to face the Werewolf.

"Goodbye, Jesse." Rosina said in a low voice though Jesse still heard her muffled words, the Werewolf continuing to stand there as he watched Rosina disappear down the hill. Rosina thought that she would feel regret if she gave into her desires she still felt strongly for Jesse and would feel better if she just walked away, but with every step she took, the regret for walking away began to strongly sink in.

Rosina sat on her bed as she waited for Caleb to come over, darkness falling over Wilmington that Halloween night as Allison was ready to go out Trick Or Treating with her daughter. Bill and Hanna were downstairs with Allison who was patiently waiting in her playroom for Caleb to arrive so they could go out for a couple of hours, though Rosina's parents knew she needed to talk to Caleb first, but they didn't know about what. That evening when Rosina got home she had all of the blood on her face and the side of her clothing from her shoulder's wound, but when her parents questioned it she simply stated that some kids splattered fake blood on her, which her parents believed since they didn't see her ripped clothes from Sabrina's teeth.

The doorbell rang as Rosina's heart began to quicken, knowing Caleb was at the house as she stood up and forced herself to walk down the stairs. When she exited her room Bill had already answered the door and invited Caleb into their home, the Vampire stepping inside as Bill closed the door. As soon as Caleb stepped inside the house he could hear Rosina's rapid heartbeat, the blonde Vampire looking at Rosina as he clearly saw the fear in her eyes.

"Can we talk real quick?" Rosina asked, to which Caleb nodded and walked over towards her with a confused expression on his face. The two walked up the attic's stairs and into Rosina's room, the brunette closing the door and quickly walked to the other side of the room to put as much distance from Caleb as she could.

"What's wrong?" Caleb asked as he took a step closer, bringing Rosina to take out a pair of silver gardening shears which she had hidden in her hoodie. When Caleb saw them his jaw instantly fell in shock, Rosina holding them in a protective position in front of her as Caleb stood there frozen.

"I know everything, Caleb. Why you can only come out at night or when the sun isn't out during a storm. Why your eyes were glowing during the Halloween party, while you had fangs as well. I know those weren't fake, and now I know you were the one who was looking through my window from the street the first night I moved to Delaware."

"I have no idea what you're talking abou-"

"I know you're a Vampire." Rosina growled, her words silencing Caleb as he stared at her in shock. "I know Jesse and his three friends are Werewolves, and I already know that you know about them."

"Do you know how crazy you sound right now? Is this a Halloween prank or something?" Caleb tried to keep his tone as calm as possible.

"Don't talk to me like I'm an idiot." Rosina said as her grip around the handle of the shears tightened. "How did you become a Vampire?" The two stared at each other for a few long moments until Caleb finally sighed, the Vampire cursing at himself as he looked towards the ground.

"I really didn't want this conversation to be like this... I was going to tell you everything at the right time."

"How is telling someone you're something from fiction the right time?"

"It isn't." Caleb sighed again, walking towards the bed as Rosina pressed her body into the wall as much as she could. "I'm not going to hurt you, Rosina. If I wanted to hurt you then you would be dead already, and I was even the one who saved Allison the night at the hospital."

"You were?" Rosina asked in shock, the Vampire nodding.

"I injected her with a small portion of my blood which healed her fatal injuries. I couldn't let her die, because I know what would happen if she did." Rosina looked down from Caleb's words, the brunette knowing that if her daughter died from the car crash, Rosina had already decided she was going to kill herself.

"Thank you." Rosina whispered, bringing Caleb to nod.

"We have a lot to talk about." Caleb added, to which Rosina looked back up towards him while still holding the shears, though they were at her side now. "I'll start from back when I was turned. I was living in Salem at the time back in 1692, when the Witch Trials were going on. I was being accused of Devil Worship, so the town locked me up at the age of only nineteen and waited months until I got an official trial. Around three months after my twentieth birthday I finally had my trial, to which the town found me guilty. I was sentenced to be crushed by stone the next morning, but they never got their chance to kill me."

"Were you really a Witch?" Rosina asked, to which Caleb smirked.

"Of course I was. My family had gotten terribly sick, so when God wasn't doing anything to help, I turned to the Devil out of desperation. I didn't think it would work, but it had. Two days after finding another Witch and her showing me how to perform the spell my family had gotten better, so after that I started doing other things. I had gotten selfish, cocky and slipped up, which is how I had gotten caught. I ordered my family to flee before the town had a chance to imprison them as well, and they listened, which was a relief." Caleb explained.

"How did you escape the prison before they planned on killing you the next morning?"

"The Witch who had showed me how to use magic had a friend who was a Vampire named Kasandra. Kasandra killed her way into the prison and freed me, and then turned me into a Vampire. She didn't look a day over eighteen, but she was actually turned into a Vampire in 1465. The two of us fled, and for almost a hundred years her and I stayed by each others sides, but one night she got killed by a Vampire Hunter, leaving me to travel the world alone after I killed him." Caleb responded.

"Did you kill Coral? The mother of Jesse's daughter?" Rosina asked after a few moments of Caleb's story sinking in. "About a month before I moved here. Did you kill her?" Caleb thought back to Rebecca, the Vampire knowing he had recognized her somehow. He would take a picture of each victim he had ever killed, label the date, and then keep the pictures hidden in boxes. As Caleb sat there in silence he mentally thought back to the pictures he had, the Vampire coming across one which made his eyes slightly widen. There was a girl with long red hair who he had killed in the city of Wilmington a month before Rosina moved there, the victim's facial features matching Rebecca's as he compared the two. He realized that he did in fact kill Rebecca's mother, but he couldn't tell Rosina the truth, instead the Vampire shaking his head.
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