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Default Re: ::Pe2k:: Nuzlocke Association

*AHEM* So...I know that feeling. I first experienced it with James, my Chingling, who died during training. Then...then...then...Gilda...Skunktank...My thoughts became "DIE DIE DIE!" and murdered that b-tard. So, my team as of now is:

George/Prinplup Level 21, Lioness/Luxio Level 24, NP/Gible Level 20, Stargazer/Togepi Level 14, Tsuyo-sa/Machop Level 21, One other I can't remember, ???

Rosa/Geodude Level 7, Soon?/Shellos Level 10, Derp/Cascoon Level 12, Grace/Budew Level 19, Daimon/Bidoff Level 11, Neopet/Ponyta Level 16

Gible is named NP in memory of Nintendo Power, who deserved to have an awesome Pokemon represent them.

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