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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (RP)

Serena Dawson

Location: streets of Silent Hill

Affected Rpers: Dog of Hellsing

As I stepped outside, it finally hit me just how different everything had become. While the store interior had given a hint just what to expect, seeing it absolutely everywhere helped sink in the fact that something otherworldly was going on. The skies were shaded in unnatural darkness, blanketing an urban landscape that had all but rusted away. While everything had already been in a moderate state of disrepair before, it was if the effect had caused decades to pass in mere seconds. All in all, a dreary sight. Are we even in the same place?

“You know, maybe we should go in a sort of spiral,” Krystal remarked, snapping me out of my reverie. She seemed to flinch as she looked at the transformed scenery, but continued to speak, “Let’s say we walk two blocks in the direction we’re going now, then walk, I don’t know, four or five to the left or right, then walk the opposite way about five blocks, and keep going that way as we go further and further before turning. That way we have a better chance at running into a big landmark than if we just wander in one direction.”

I couldn't help but show a little surprise at this plan. For someone who had trouble reading a simple map, it was actually a pretty good idea. “That... could work. With any luck we won't have to turn around though.” Traveling around for hours completely lost was one thing, being lost with no idea how to get back to Point A was even worse. Granted, I had no delusions that the store had been a safe haven in the first place. Choosing the opposite street we had came from before, I started forward, Krystal following carefully along.

While the streets were abandoned and almost foreboding before, they were now teeming with signs of life just out of sight. Every now and then a faint scratching sound could be heard, but always faded away after a moment. A few of the alleys we walked past had smatterings of blood on the ground and even one along the walls, some still fairly fresh due to the still-red shade. It wasn't until the around the fifth block or so that we finally ran into someone-rather, the remains of someone.

Judging from the body, it had been a male; a cop, if the uniform actually belonged to the person. He had varied cuts, both deep and shallow, running along his body. What must have finally finished off the man was someone or something else entirely from who made the cuts- his throat looked as if it had been torn out.

“First person we run into, and he's dead.” I immediately looked away, more than a little disgusted by the sight. The finishing blow was probably done by one of the creatures, but those cuts were far too precise in the fact they missed any vital veins or organs. Whoever had done it, they had to be human. I almost made a motion to leave the body behind as fast as possible, but there was a tattered piece of paper pinned to the stomach of the corpse. Moving quickly to prevent touching the body too long, I swiped the note for a closer look.

Paradise is upon us, yet these sinners mean to deny us our salvation. Let this heretic and any who follow him point the way to the faithful, so that we may cleanse them from this world.

Looking up at the corpse, I noticed that one of his arms had been pinned to wall in a manner to point to the left, down a street we had yet to travel upon. Still mulling over the words on the note, I quickly pocketed it and looked over at Krystal, seeing where her stance was on this.
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