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Default Re: Journey from the Valley [RP]

Sy looked down at his feet and sighed sadly. He still missed his parents and older brother. He just couldn't believe he'll never see them again. the Riolu fought back the tears that threatened to re-emerge. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down then looked up at the murky sky, as if the solution to everyone's problems was up in the clouds. He sighed again.

I wish you were here Saf. It feels so weird without you.

"We've probably stayed too long already. Get ready to leave."

Sy tore his eyes away from the sky after Nightfang announced they would be leaving soon so Sy started towards the group. He smoothed out the tuft of hair on his head, trying to make himself look as presentable as possible like his mother always told him to do. although not easy when in poor conditions such as this. He gave up after his sixth try and had a look around. Sy noticed Bladestrike complaining to the Charmeleon about leaving. The young Riolu couldn't really blame him as he was nervous too. He also noticed Torin talk to the new Flareon about something but couldn't quite catch what he was saying through all the chatter. Sy then noticed the Furret twins glance at him.

ďYou can stick with us if you want to. This isnít a great place to get separated. I donít think I heard your name though. Iím Poppy and this is my brother Chip.Ē

Sy shuffled his feet shyly and spoke in his quiet voice.

"Th...thank you, I'm Symon....b..but you me Sy....if you want."
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